About us.

At HWP Group, our core philosophy is “Dreams Come True”. 

An innovator in the tourism and entertainment sector, HWP Group serves over 20,000 customers and employs around 250 people in the hospitality business alone in the Federal Capital Territory.

Founded in 2014 and operating several diverse but complementary businesses that operate under the HWP umbrella, HWP Group has a growing portfolio and the directors are working tirelessly to explore opportunities that will compliment its existing  businesses. 

In addition to its core hospitality business, HWP Group has successfully expanded its range of services and is planning a five-star resort, luxury terrace apartments, and with investments in Lifestyle, media, entertainment and technology companies- all with an innovative twist.

Whilst we acknowledge our history and the success from years gone by that has transformed us into what we are today, our partners are also acknowledged as integral to our success. We together, dare to reimagine hospitality not as a place or service, but connected moments.