HWP Group believes that care should be more passionate, We then created a foundation with the ultimate purpose of providing a tangible solution to societal welfare and humanitarian need, one at a time.

HWP Foundation plays an active role in its local communities and is committed to promoting sustainable development and solidarity and is committed to giving back.

Hotwire Foundation has acted as a natural extension of the Group’s activities and values, helping to combat the social and financial exclusion experienced by the most disadvantaged members of society.

The foundation presently runs an Eye Care Reach-Out program in Ondo State, Nigeria, for indigent patients by providing Free Cataract Surgeries, reading glasses for young kids in public schools, and most importantly we help pay tuition of kids with exceptional grades and unprivileged children through its “Rescue Fund.” 

Above all, the foundation seeks to make a difference in the world by placing people at the heart of what we do, and nurturing real passion for community service and achievement beyond limits.