Since the decline in the traditional stores, Digital distribution has grown to be the preferred method of getting creativity out there to fans. We at Hotwire Media  are licensed to help get your creativity into as many ears and eyes as possible, and We help you get paid for your art.

Hotwire Media with its vast connections in the entertainment and hospitality industry combined with well qualified and licensed digital team, We aim to grow and develop content true to what we believe in. We can help create, re-create, develop, and distribute your digital work and collect 100% of all your sound recording, composition, video, and image , e-book and game royalties from around the world. We provide digital distribution of Music, Images, Videos, Softwares, e-books, and Games. 

We help independent Music artists, Song Writers, Comedians, Authors, Photographers , Graphics Designers, Speakers, You tubers, performers and any creative  to manage their portfolios for Stock Image, iTunes, Tidal, YouTube, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon,Apple Music, Google Play, and more.

As an artist, digital distribution is compulsory in order to reach your potential fans. 

Areas of expertise;

Talent Management

Content Distribution

Digital Advisory

Reputation Management

Content Creation

Event Management

Public Relations.